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January 04, 2010


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Yeah for new things! I loved UP, but I cried like a baby, in public, yuck.


I LOVE Up! too. (Actually, I'm thinking about buying my boyfriend the "My Name is Dug" children's book for our anniversary. I just love all the text -- so cute.

Have fun working on that schedule today! Make sure you schedule in fun things as well as those things you have to do!

Walking on Sunshine

I won the movie Up at Ellen and I still haven't watched it! PS Yay to a new start xo

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

Love the journaling idea and what a great place to get started...Starbucks. Cute movie too:)


i still haven't seen up - everyone says how amazing it is - but it's kinda hard when you're traveling to keep up to date with movies. i kind of miss just lounging around watching movies.

thanks for the sweet comment re: our wedding photos!


UP is such a great film. It is perfect for everyone. Has the right amount of adventure, humour and tear-jerking moments.

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